Alex Steinweiss Video

Project Brief:

Make a 1–2 minute long animation telling a story about your design hero.

Collecting Speaking Audio

There was obviously very, very few audio clips that were good quality and had people who knew Alex well enough to talk about him extensively

Mixing Music Tracks

On the other hand, picking background music is like finding a needle in a haystack, just way too many genres and tones to choose from. How can one song exemplify the entirety of Alex and what he’s done?

Shortening Audio

insert two versions

Video Style

no text, just using images

Initial Storyboard

It was difficult at first trying to figure out how to animate these still album covers, because each character and tree seems carefully placed and moving them up will mess up the composition of the cover. I was afraid I had to create a lot of my own assets to bridge the gap between what’s still and what’s animated. Instead, I decided to let Alex’s album covers take the lead. Instead of creating a lot of original scenes, I extract Alex’s own work and let it speak for itself. I still needed to figure out a lot of the transitions between different scenes because his covers often vary in style and subject manner.

Finding Inspiration + Material in his covers

Scenes that required heavy borrowing:

Figuring out Transitions

The most difficult part of the project other than working with After Effects was figuring out how scenes relate to another.

Final Video



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